Friday, April 30, 2010

goos and teapots

We've had a long week at times around here as my two babies have a fun for them! So we have spent a lot of time indoors (maybe I'm too lazy to get all geared up all the time to go out?) In any case, we've been laying low, close to home and maybe a little bit of time in front of a sweet little movie James got as a gift for being a big brother, Stuart Little. It's quite cute and I caught him kissing the tv to kiss Stuart (little mouse) and running away from the tv when a cat was chasing (him!) 

I haven't uploaded any videos yet so thought I would tonight as I had the chance. Here are two little vids of the kiddos...Mason gooing away and James taking a goodnight call from Grandma!

Also downloaded this cute one of James and Mason taking turns in the Bumbo - Mason needs a little help with the head still and James gets his bum stuck in it (I think that's the purpose)!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Smiles and brothers!

It's for certain - no longer just gassy...we've got smiles folks! So exciting! 

Can you guess who is who? James and Mason - 6 weeks old!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The goings on lately...

My mom is here again so we've been able to switch off and spend some great one to one time with each of the boys (and my house is clean!)

James got his first haircut from Grandma and not a hack job! He looks very boyish and cute (of course a mother would say that!) He got a special blackberry parfait as a treat (note to self for future morning - do not overdo the backberries!)
Sweetie pie Mason can hold his head up and is filling out (12 pounds!)
Reading with Dad!
Excitement for Garbage day on our street! James showed them his new garbage truck, courtesy of a neighbour boy who had out-grown it.  They made James a happy face with all of the cans!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another first for Mason!

But definitely not a the firehall! James was a little more excited (chanting Dadda, the entire 10 minute drive and pointing in the direction for me to go). We took photos of James when he was born in Geoff's fire hat and in front of the truck, so I wanted to do the same for Mason.  

SO cute!
A highlight for James was spraying the hose!

My first picture at the firehall - I'm always taking!
Mason's just a bit big for the hat!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Canada's Next Top Models

My sister in law, Genn, did some family photography last week as we wanted to mark Mason's birth as a great moment in our little family's life!  It was hard to just pic a few but here are my favorites!  Genn does work on Vancouver Island and the mainland, if you are interested!
Thanks so much Genn!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mason's First Island Trip!

We packed up the boys last Sunday and headed over to Victoria to introduce Mason! James hadn't been over since Christmas but didn't seem to miss a beat and knew where everything was at Grandma and Papa G's house. We had some great weather and got to the park most days! Had lots of visitors and friends meet Mason - who was an absolute gem over there, as he usually is! James also had a great time doing Easter egg hunts around the house (for goldfish!)

I made the trip back to Vancouver solo on the ferry with the stroller and both boys - aside from about 5 hairy minutes of trying to explain that it was Mason's turn to eat to James - we had a great time and both boys were in my sight the whole time! We were happy to see Dad on the other end (he went home 3 days before us to work).

Thanks for having us!

Easter egg huntin'
2 weeks old!

Beach combing before dinner (and looking for crabs)
Best barnyard view possible!
A nice smile for Grandma!
Bubbles on a beautiful night!
Me and the boys - can't beat the view!