Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday James!

Our little guy turned 3 last week! How did I get a three year old?! Time flies and wow, he's changed so much in this last year! We had two celebrations - one of the day of, which just so happened to fall on game 7 of the Stanley Cup (we all know what happens, but in case James is checking this out in years to come...Canucks lost and there was a terrible riot that ensued). Happily for us, James was oblivious and went to sleep after a great pizza party still chanting "we want the cup!" and singing "Oh Canada"! A few days later, we celebrated with friends and family at our place. Rain tried to dampen the day, but we managed to get outside once it stopped and had a great afternoon playing, eating and playing some more!
Here are a few pics from the parties!

Stanley Cup Pizza Birthday Party!
Grammy made a delicious and adorable dinosaur cake!
Sharing Cake!
There are so many great pics of the day but my computer is slow to upload them, so I've just posted a few!
Happy Birthday Bud...we love you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long time coming...

I can't believe it's been over a month since I updated my blog...where has the time gone and what have I done with it?! I did a few posts tonight just to separate the fun we had in May...we always seem busy doing something and have spent the last month outside it seems, despite all the rain we've had (not that you don't know, but for future notes James & Mason - this was the rainiest May in history...and we took you outside everyday!)

Kids hopped on the bandwagon early in the playoffs...and more about this when we clinch the Cup!

Best smile to get is a smile from Bub!
For some reason, Bub likes to wear this enormous helmet when we go in the wagon (it does make him look 'special'...however, he is being safe and I can't fault him for that (and really he looks cute in anything!)
Brothers sharing (somewhat rare, but we are working on it!)

Dino Jams and Farm Trips

When we were in Seattle, we picked up some great glow in the dark jammies for the kids (and special dino feet for James!) Here they are happily playing before bed when we got home! There's nothing better than clean, happy children!

Making sushi together
Quite the get-up!

We recently visited our friends family farm as they had one week old baby goats (kids) - my kids didn't want to touch them but Mason was quite fascinated! James was a little more fascinated with the electric tractor/gator he got the drive! Man, this farm rules!

Mason loves my hat!

Our week we'd like to forget about...(sort of)

We just came off a terrible week with a nasty Norwalk-type gastro flu. It started off with Mason, quickly spreading to James, myself and Geoff's Mom, Kathy, who was helping us out. We then had to call in more reinforcements in my Mom and knocked us off our socks for 9 days, but aside from the boys losing a bit of weight, there seem to be no lasting effects. I say I'd like to forget about this week, but in my mind, I'd like to remember the times when we were truly scared for our children and what I will take from this is that sometimes I may have bad days with them, but as long as they are happy and healthy, nothing matters and we will get through it...we made it through this and I think we can make it through anything now! The other thing I'd like to remember from this week is all the help we received from our was amazing - everybody pulled together in ways I wish everyone could was a blessing! Thank you - especially to Kathy, who stayed over three nights with me while Geoff worked and was up all night with James and I when he was sick.Luckily the illness left just in time for Geoff and I to have a night away in Seattle (Mariners/Yankees Game) while my parents took care of the kids - thank you! Here are a few pics from their stay here:

New Swing Set

We held a garage sale in May and with the money, we purchased a swing set off craigslist for the kids. It was about 4 years old and needs some stain but the kids don't know any different and love it! With the installation of our new side fences that block the kids from escaping, the yard is really starting to come together and be a great place to play with the boys!