Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walkin' on the wild side

We borrowed a walker from our friend who got it in the states last year and it's been providing a ton of entertainment and fun around our place! Especially after dinner when that seems to be the 'run around the house naked and make as much noise as you can' time! Here are a few shots!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wee rides

James was very helpful to Mason in learning to walk in his new walker! And Mason was thrilled with the attention from his big bro!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running for Terry

Geoff braved the thunder and rain this morning and took the boys to the 30th Annual Terry Fox Run down in Langley. They did the 5km run and came back soaked but happy!
My turn to push!
Post-race sleep

One Half

This little boy is one half of a year, but has our whole heart!

It's gone by too fast Mason. We are so excited for the next 6 months to see you change and grow. You are the perfect fit in our family!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What to do on a rainy Sunday?

You slap Muddy Buddies on the kids and take them outside! That's just what we did today when Geoff was at work and it was pouring! We just got the muddy buddies in the mail this week and we were set to go!
A quick snack at Cravings!
Then a stop by the park and a slide way too fast down the big slide (note to parents: muddy buddy + rain on slide = waterslide-like-speed-with-big-fall-at-bottom)
Looking less than impressed that he can't do what his big bro is doing!
Sloshing in the puddles! We were the only ones at the park, so I let James turn on the water and go nuts!
After a nap in unison (my fav!) we made another outfit change and went to take Dad some cookies at work...yet another excuse to drive the firetruck! James dawned his fireman raincoat and hat for the trip!
Mason took his first turn driving, much to James' dismay:) The look says it all - Dad, you are one cool guy!
Like father like son!
Matching hair!
Again, James not to thrilled about this, but we got a quick one of them together in the truck!
Who says you can't have fun on a rainy day! We had the best one!

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

We've had quite the month around here - it's been extremely busy with summer trips and activities and also very busy with work schedules and sick babies! We got sick right before our trip to Vernon last month and are just getting over another cold...aren't they supposed to come in the winter!

Here are some of the highlights of this month:

1. Mason can sit up on his own!
2. Accordingly to being #2...James did some business on the poty that wasn't #1!! (no pictures to follow)

3. Mason went tubing being the boat...very slowly, very shallow and with a very nervous Mommy!
4. James is fully loving his new big boy bed (we nixed the fireman bed because it was too small and he's a big mover in his sleep. He has a double bed now and loves it...has even slept as late at 7:45!!)

5. We haven't found anything that Mason won't eat - this kid loves food and makes a mess! Here he is munchin on a peach from Grandma and Papa's tree!

6. James got his first taste of Grandma's special letter pancakes at the lake!

7. James got his first big boy haircut at the barber shop with Daddy! (who forgot the camera, but man it's a cute cut! I was sad to see his little back curls go, but he looks adorable nonetheless!)

8. James is the only person that can make Mason laugh! It's the cutest thing...Geoff and I can't get a peep out of him, but if James laughs, Mason usually laughs right back! For some reason I can't seem to upload the video I took, but if you are on facebook, you can see it!

9. This little kids gator was a huge hit at a party I took the boys might be on the Christmas wish list (if anyone wins the lotto!)

10. Lastly, we've had a tough month with sleep and sickness, but we can see the light...Mason is so much happier when he's mobile, upright and James is paying attention to him, which he's been doing a lot more of! Seeing their relationship grow is amazing, especially when I think of the two months where James wanted nothing to do with him!