Saturday, June 26, 2010

A picking we will go!

On Thursday, we (ambitiously) went strawberry picking with some friends! It was a slight challenge for me to have both boys out there, but with the help of a personal photographer and a personal berry picker (Moira) - we did manage to bring home a few and 2 full bellies! James was stained red from nose to finger tips!

Their baskets weren't that full but the bellies were!

Sleepy Mason in the patch!
The sign said no sampling. James cannot read.
Beautiful rosy lips!
Rocks are way more exciting!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Terrific Two's!

I can't believe that James is two! At times, it goes so fast and to be realistic, some days feel like a week! Nonetheless, two years has gone by in a blink and we were able to celebrate our sweet James' second birthday on the weekend and mid-week (actual day was Tuesday) as a family!

Here are the guys waiting for the revelers to arrive!

And Mason didn't last too long!
The simple joys of a pretzel
Opening a gift from Auntie Jocey post-cupcake
Actual birthday morning - he wanted pancakes, so we did 'em up banana-blueberry style!
Flash forward three years and off to kindergarten:(
James got this adorable tee from our neighbours daughter-in-law Miranda, who is so creative! I love the retro shirt and how it already looks two years old - so comfy! Thanks Miranda!

What else do you do on your kids birthday - take 'em to the toy store and let 'em pick out anything they want! Ok, well within reason - I found James kissing a $25 stuffed Barney and I had to draw the line! We settled on a new basketball hoop and ball!
After a glorious nap, we took James to Captain Kids in Walnut Grove. And for only $2 for kids, this is the fun you can have!
James got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner and luckily for us it wasn't Chucky Cheese, but the local sushi joint we frequent! They know him by name and although he was confused we weren't getting our meal to go, he enjoyed a feast of miso, avocado rolls, dynamite rolls and I even snuck in some agedashi tofu!
Apres sushi - we came home and got our last blow of this candle from our sweet little guy! Happy Birthday James!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Singing, Splashing & Swirling

It's been a busy week with the kidlets as Geoff worked a ton but we managed to squeeze in some great fun!  Thanks first to Grammy and our neighbours Dave & Bonnie (the baby whisperer!) for some help with the boys at bedtime...Bonnie, I've never seen Mason so fast asleep as he was after a visit to your place - I had to unress him to wake him up, otherwise he wouldn't have slept at all at night!) On a great sleep note - Mason slept through the night 9:30-6am - woo hoo...the cruel irony is that I was up with James at 3:30 for some reason:(

In any case, here are some fun shots of our week! James at musikgarten class - he loves it!
He knows what's coming!
Warm Bubbles! I love bathing Mason - best way to end a day!

I think he's hiding sushi rolls in his cheeks!

This was fun, even if my only picture didn't look like it was fun! Pudding finger painting - lickable fun! James didn't really like getting his fingers dirty, nor did he lick it as I showed him how to do - but he liked watching me and asked to do it again after dinner. A note if you try this with your wee one - best if you clean it up before it hardens & gets crusty!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 on the 10th

I decided to start a new monthly post on the 10th of every month to keep track (for our benefit) and let the readers know what is going on the boys - development, likes, dislikes, feats, random funniness etc...
I chose the 10th of the month so it's easier and close to their monthversaries (15th & 13th respectively)

So for this month James is almost two (in a week) and Mason is 12 weeks!
1. Mason loves looking at himself in the mirror
2. James is obsessed with watering the strawberries in our garden (and can't wait until they are red!)
3. Mason is the happiest in the bath
4. James kissed Mason's toe at the park today randomly
5. James favorite colour is blue (doo)
6. Mason spits up on me about 4 times per day. Always on me.
7. James is quite enamored with Barney right now. I love you, you love me blah blah!
8. Mason went swimming for the first time this week (and mom forgot the memory card on her camera...doh!) He loved it!
9. James likes drinking breast milk from a big boy cup in the morning
10. Mason sleeps 'through the night' from 9:30-7:00, with one feed at around 5am! I love you Mason!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The most expensive entertainment!

We've been doing some work around the house lately - most notably a new deck is being built and we resurfaced our driveway in the first step of having it paved one day. Luckily James was up from his nap early (did I just say that?) to witness the coolest digger and dump truck right in our own front yard! I'm telling you this kid didn't move a muscle for 30 minutes. It was bliss. Expensive, but bliss! Mason even got in on the action!

This week we spent lots of time indoors as the weather hasn't cooperated too we've been painting, jumping and playing a ton! Geoff has been working lots and is in Las Vegas for a stag right now, so Grandma is here keeping me sane!