Friday, December 31, 2010

Catching up from Christmas!

I'm playing a bit of catch up today because we've had a whirl wind of a December! Not sure where it went or how we made it through the last week (more to that later), but here we are at the end of 2010! What a great year for us, topped off by the addition of Mason to our family!

Here are a few random pictures in no particular chronological order from Christmas...

Happy Boy Christmas morning!
One of the highlight toys...jack (well george) in the box!
Put the star on the tree Christmas morning! Love their new matching jammies too!
Boys got a train table from Santa!
We spent a few days beofre Christmas in Victoria with my family. James and Grandma had a date at Butcharts Gardens and this was the highlight for James (they had two dates there actually!)
We had a kiddie party and Santa came...he was quite hot in his suit today so his glasses got all fogged up!
Cookie monster and Elmo grilled cheese maker from Uncle Jeff and Auntie Genn!
Have to wear your hat...tradition!
Geoff's work party (yes, I had the wear skates and take care of two kids while doing broken bones!)
Setting up the tree!
Thank you to everyone who helped us have a great year! We are especially feeling blessed to be healthy, even after Mason, James and I getting a flu virus right after Christmas! We look forward to many more fun times in 2011!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Langley Gymnastics has a great drop in class (only $5) on Wednesdays, so we've taken the boys for the past 2 weeks and it's a blast! Geoff and I also have tons of fun jumping around on the eqipment - it's the best $5 we ever spent (Mason is free so far!) here they are leaping into the foam pits!

Hill Stridin'

Here's James flying down a hill at Campbell Valley Park! Go Buddy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmasy Fun!

We took the boys to breakfast with Santa yesterday morning - having never been to one, it was pretty fun, food aside (blah under cooked pancakes, sausages and timbits...needless to say James tried his first donut and after the birthday party I took him too after breakfast, he chose not to nap...mmmm maybe sugar overload?!)

We got a special package from Grandma this week and it came with a Christmas quilt, not to mention lots of other handmade goodies (especially love my quilted tree skirt!) Thanks Grandma!
I never get in on the pictures, as the taker, so here I am!
Mason's toy from Santa went straight into the mouth!
Both boys were great on Santa's lap, James was very serious as usual!
Tonight we took them to the Santa parade in Cloverdale! Last year was not as fun - it was warmer this year and James had a blast! Mason was good for a while too, so we left about half way through, it was chilly and late for him anyways!

Again, this is the only way I make the shots!