Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bike Park!

I finally was able to find some good quality toddler elbow and knee pads that weren't covered in plastic Disney characters - I had promised James to take him to the bike park near our house and today was the day! We drive by it most days and he asks in his little voice 'can we go to the 'little hills' today?' - so we went...and had a blast! I think his favorite part was when an older rider came over to him and told him he was doing great and commended him on wearing protective gear and showed him his gear! This guy was doing 360's and flying over jumps! The only downfall to this awesome park was that it was right under huge power lines...

Happy guy just made the little jumps!
This was the biggest hill he did with a nervous mommy at the bottom!
This is my favorite shot!
Riding on the jumps and bridges

Lastly a little video to show how fast he got going...I was amazed - we will be back for sure!

More Expensive Entertainment!

We are having our side driveway dug up and replaced with gravel in order for better drainage and to eventually pave, so we had an excavator and dump truck at our house all day on Friday! We stayed home, invited friends and enjoyed some sunny 'free' entertainment on our deck! Here are a few pics from the day. They are coming back on Monday so we might just have to stay home that day too...or have a brief gymnastics break!

Copy Cat!

First Trip to the Aqaurium

My Mom was in town this week and we took the boys down to the Vancouver Aquarium for a day trip. It was the first time I've been there without clients and could enjoy the trip through the eyes of my toddlers! We tried to catch as many feeding shows as we could and they loved all of the exhibits, especially the belugas from below!

James and I went to see Dora's 4-D Adventure - 4D you ask? Think getting misted when Dora flies through a waterfall and seat rumbling when you help Dora drive her airplane...very cool!
Mason loved the Belugas!

Checking out the dolphins!
We purchased a yearly membership, so we hope to get back soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers...

...bring a ton o'fun 'round here!! We never baulk at rainy days (ok, maybe sometimes) - but today was a blast across the street at our neighbour, Michelle's house (Thanks Michelle!)

This is my favorite because you can see the splash go over his head! He must have rode through 50 times before getting too cold and wet! Free car (bike) wash!

Mason had just as much fun watching James splash!

Spring has Sprung!

I find myself much slower at blog posts than I used to be...hmm, wonder why?!
Here are a few pics of our latest adventures!

Boys still have tons of fun racing down our neighbours' driveway - rain or shine! They've even discovered a massive puddle across the street and James flies through it on his bike - Mason fell right in it and didn't care:)
Mason took his first step on his Buzzy Bike and rings his bell with so much pride! How can you resist that smile?!
Grandma and Papa G bought the boys a bouncy castle, which has provided countless hours of enjoyment (as you can tell by the look on James' face!) The first day he kept jumping and saying 'I'm so haaaaappy, I'm so haaaappy!'
We still stop by to visit Dad at work, which is a huge hit - Mason loves the big truck and James likes to be the Captain!
The race is on!
Just a cute one of Bub looking for me in the window:)
On a non-kid note: I had my first night away from the boys, along with my first real rock concert (Bon Jovi!) It was so much fun to dress up, not be on a toddler schedule and rock out to old Bon Jovi hits!! Thanks Geoff, best present I've had in a long time!
James cruising at a fun park we found near Dad's work