Monday, March 14, 2011

The 1st to Give Back!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Mason! Wow a year has flown by! In honour of Mason's 1st Birthday we did the same thing we did for James' 1st Birthday and decided to give back to the community, as we feel so blessed to have happy & healthy children. This was an idea of a friends sister years ago and I hope she knows the legacy she is leaving with my kids!
We donated over $200 worth of food, clothes, baby items & books to the Langley Food Bank! We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a great party with friends and family! Thank you to everyone who made donations and who came by to celebrate our little guy! We are so lucky! We love you Bubs!

Here's Mason getting his one present, Elmo, so now he doesn't have to try to steal James' Cookie Monster! Lots of sweet hugs for Elmo!
This boy loved his cake!

Thanks Shel for taking these pics!

Here we are in the midst of making our donation!
Neither child looked at the camera for any of these photos! Doesn't matter, what matters is we gave back!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I've been either sick or busy lately to update the blog as much as I'd like - so I thought I would post a few random pics from the last few weeks, as I have the house to myself (yes!)

Our little cruiser - no more crawling for's been a while, but it's still just so cute to see a person this little walking!
Dad throwing Mason up in the window) - yes, it's filthy, I know!
This little boy melts my heart! I can't believe he'll be one in a week!
We had a brief snowfall last week (it melted by the afternoon) so we bundled up and the boys wanted to get pulled up and down our street (5 times). 'Faster Mommy Faster' - I was in my t-shirt by the end! The cutest part was that I told James to make sure Mason didn't fall over and he held on to him the whole time - you can see his arm on his shoulder!
Our neighbours started a snowman, so we finished it off (I didn't have the energy to roll the base by myself after the haul above!)

James went a whole week on the potty and I told him if he filled up his sticker chart we would go on a special date, which we did today! We got sushi and bought new big boy underpants! Not to mention, we stopped by a friends house on the way home and got to go ATV'ing! That might have taken the cake, but he did choose sushi and underpants as his special date! We had a blast!
Great job Bud!
A recent trip to Victoria with the boys - here they are watching Lexi chase her ball when papa G got home from work!
Mason on the ferry slide...a little tentative but big smiles at the bottom! Loved it!
Watching Tika (my brother's dog) play in the snow on a walk & bile ride to the wharf
My happy guys playing Grandma and Papa G on their way to Palm Springs!

A video from a few weeks ago at Geoff's firehall

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hola & Adios

We recently returned home from a 12 day trip to Mexico! Mason & I were sick before we left and maybe moments, maybe an hour, after this picture was taken, James got sick too - all over just about everything you can imagine in our row. It was a tough few days, as both boys continued to vomit for the next 3 days....we wondered if we'd made a mistake going or should have delayed it, but we were there and tried to make the most of it. After they felt better, we could relax a little, knowing they were fine!
Mason's first go at the beach, not a huge fan on the sand...he was able to tolerate it by the end, but wasn't able to walk in it, which frustrated him I think...he's a mover! This was the lovely beach house we shared with Geoff's family for the first 9 days. It was in Playa Del Carmen...gorgeous!
Muscle man in the pool!
Splashing in the waves!
Sunset hammock favorite...he even snoozed on me a few times...the best!
Ariba! (View from our place was the best!)
More hammock snuggles
Playing on the grass...probably with bubbles...a favorite!
One afternoon all the cousins went ATV' was a little nerve racking for me, as it felt like rock climbing at times it was very rough terrain, but it was a blast and a nice break from the kids!
In a cave we got a tour of mid-ATV trip
Sunset from our roof balcony!
Family fun in the sand, building castles for Dora!
In the city of Playa del Carmen - Striding down the boardwalk!
This is the best squishy smile!
My little surfer dude!
Mason and James were playing peek-a-boo behind this tree and I caught jut the best smile!
Jumping in the pool with Dad, among the favorite activities!
James potty trained himself in Mexico and no, not on the grass - this was the only time he went on the grass because we couldn't make it to the potty!
The whole family on the beach the last day. Shortly after this, Kathy (Geoff's mom) joined us for a few extra days at an all-inclusive in Cancun.
Family fun on the beach!
Cute bum - Kathy and James spent alot of time holding hands on the shore having waves wash over them!
At our all-inclusive - James striding through the a few looks to say the least!
Mini-golf at our place
At the airport...before the LONG journey home (which included a 5.5 hr delay on the tarmack...yes, we survived, barely!)
All in all, we were so lucky to have been able to share this holiday with our family and although we struggled alot with a new walker, illness and long waits - we did make some great family memories to cherish and can look back at the pictures in the years to come and laugh...we made it through two horrible flights and still managed to want to keep traveling with our kids...when they are much older of course!
Thank you Rob & Deb for your generosity - amazing!
Thank you Kathy (Grammy) for helping us out and giving us breaks on the beach while the kids napped...this got us through the have no idea!