Monday, January 10, 2011

10 on the 10th 2011 edition...

It's been a few months since I've had the time to update my 10 on the 10th feature...but I had a few moments tonight and it happens to be the 10th, so here goes in no particular order:

1. We had a great morning watching Geoff play in a Charity basketball game last week and the boys loved the bleachers, possibly more than the game!

2 Mason continues to close his eyes when the camera flashes, but not what this is about...he's got 8 teeth now, four on top and four on the bottom and his smile is to die for!
3. Here is James standing in front of a sign in Victoria that my Grandad carved. We drove by it on our way to a playdate on what would have been his birthday (Dec 23rd) and James just happened to have his touque that reminded me of we had to take a pic! Love it!
4. James continues to love his bike and I love selling them - sold 55 now...lots of business before Christmas and hopefully picks up again in the spring!
5. We still go to Musikgarten every week and Mason is really starting to love it. The teacher, Ms. Donna, captivates him!

6. Gymnastics is where it's at for us! Best $5 we spend during the week! Mason is still free and gets just as much out of it as James. He loves to hang on the monkey bars, sit on the edge of the foam pit and bounce 'til he falls in and we always find him chewing on the disgusting foam pieces! James loves running off the long trampoline into the foam pit, climbing over the climbers wall and jumping on the trampolines!
7. Mason is so independent now that he walks. He can climb onto his riding toys and get off all by himself!
8. James new favorite toy is a hand-me-down vacuum from Geoff's co-worker. Many people pay good money for this type of cleaning service and we get it free everyday!
9. My mom gave James a Raffi CD and it gets played at least 5 times a day! Here I am pretending to be a horse in one of the songs while James is the cowboy! Giddy-up Mom!
10. I'll have to download the video soon, but don't have the time right now, but James does the cutest thing right now with Mason and I can see their relationship's very special! Mason crawls down the hall to him and James helps him up and walks him down the hall. At night he gets his bottle ready, gives him a head rub and hug, says 'I love Masin' (that's how it sounds) - it's adorable and fun to watch! Muah my boys! I love you guys!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rollin' into 2011!

We had a low key night on New Years Eve this year (well when don't we?) - we had been sick all week and just got some energy back to decided to have a sushi party at home! James is a big fan and loves to watch them make it so I decided it was time to pull out my old rolling mat (it was moldy, so I bought new one) and we made sushi for Grammy and us! Dynamite rolls, cali rolls, yam tempura rolls, gyoza & edamame! It was a feast, so much fun and something we will do again for sure! James was a super big help, especially when it came time to making the yam tempura roll, he was so excited and couldn't wait to make it...until I realized that he just wanted to eat the tempura...luckily he only got one piece as I'm sure he would have devoured it all!

Getting our cooking clothes on!
Mid-Dyna rolling
Showing off the first roll!
End result! Delicious!
Dad starting off the New Year in a very cold way down at White Rock beach!

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Few Steps!

Mason has been furniture walking and standing for what seems like months now, but maybe only 8 weeks and this week he started walking on his own! Maybe 5 or 6 steps at a time and he gets quite excited afterwards! Here's once we caught on tape - please disregard me, I was sick and in jammies and please disregard James crying in the background, he doesn't like the focus on Mason too much (or at all!)
Way to go Bubs!