Saturday, November 26, 2011


And by finally, I mean - I finally got around to posting! Things, well are always busy and I'm afraid this blog has become a last priority...nonetheless, here's an update from Halloween and hopefully I won't be too late on Christmas activities!

Here we are at our friends pumpkin patch party!

Who's that knocking?!
It's cookie and froggy!

We lucked out this year with the candy haul...the kids chose one thing (after I'd gone through it) and have never asked since that night! I'm sure we'll use at the smarties at Christmas decorating gingerbread houses!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Future waste management techs?

Found a new ap for my phone that allows blogger posts so had to try it out...found this picture from a month ago of the boys taking our recycling can back to the house...they sure do love to help us!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

A few weeks back now (again, not sure where time flies!) we went to Victoria for Thanksgiving weekend! Geoff stayed at home to work and work on our house (never ending cedar shingles). The kids were great on the ferry and loved getting 'blown away' outside the ferry deck! Mason still remembers it to this day (ahhhhh!) We had two Thanksgiving dinners, both with family and both very busy and fun! I loved having the kids play with my cousins kids (James finally got bossed around...usually he's the one bossing Mason around!) All in all, a great visit with lots of walks, great weather, a trip to Mitchell's Pumpkin Patch, great food and family times - so much to be thankful for!

Playing with slippery soap - quite the giggle fest!
Story time
Pumpkin Patch
My two little pumpkins
Thanksgiving dinner at Doug & Karen's (with Cassidy & Keenan)
No description required:)
Mason learned to poppa wheelie!
Out for a family walk & stride
More stories (Mason loves his Papa very much!)