Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mason's a Big Boy!

It's been a while since I updated just on our little Mason! It's hard to believe he's the same age right now as James was when he was born (just a week shy of 21 months). It makes me wonder how I/we did it! He's a busy little guy and for the most part very happy! It's hard not to melt when he flies into your arms for the best hugs! He's beginning to talk a little bit (new words this week are Santa) and he thinks he's a pretty big joker when you ask him a question...he mostly answer 'NOT!'...James thinks this is hilarious and continues to ask him each night after dinner if he's going to do the dishes to which Mason replies 'not' and they both laugh hysterically. Although he can only say about 5 letters of the alphabet, he can point them all out on a page, thanks to James' help in learning and just today they worked on a 1-10 puzzle and Mason got 9/10 correct! James is so sweet everytime he gets one right he says 'good job bub!' and high fives him at the end...very heartwarming! So here's to our little man...we love him so much (the big guy too;)

Whatever James is doing, Mason is not far behind!
Look Mom, I can keep up with him!
Handsome young man! I think he might be a future-heartbreaker
Popping wheelies and now balancing on his bike! And fearless I might add...throwing himself down hills like James!

Christmas is going to be a fun one this year:)

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